We are a casual North American PvX guild, that is filled with skilled players.
We founded this guild on the principles that we should be building a community not just a guild. A place built upon mutual respect between members. Where people can come to learn, help others, complete goals, make new friends or just hang out.
We have turned this guild into one of the premier dungeon guilds on Dragonbrand. And although we are mainly a Dungeon guild, we have started raiding WvW weekly, and have gained some notoriety on our Server. As we continue to build our community we will be increasing our presence in WvW, as well as setting up PvP teams.
All of our leaders and officers are Dungeon Masters, so we know all of the dungeon paths. This allows us to take our members through dungeons effectively and efficiently. We have daily dungeon runs, as well as weekly Bounty Hunts, Guild Rushs, Guild Challenges, Guild Puzzles, WvW Raids, and other in game events and contests. We also host a weekly Dungeon Mentoring event for the Guild Wars 2 Community, where we help new players learn about dungeons and dungeon tactics.
We provide our members with Experienced Leadership, Magic Find Bonuses, Experience Bonuses, Karma Bonuses, WvW bonuses, a Private PvP Arena, a Voice Chat Server, and this Website for scheduling. As well as a Private Forum to post on if they need advice or have any requests.
If you are interested in joining, you can contact us or see our recruitment page for more detail.